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Nov 28 2011 | The New Gaffe How the Republican presidential candidates are benefiting from their 'gaffes': They're not unforgivable, just imprudent.
Nov 21 2011 | In God They Trust How the conservative belief in American exceptionalism has become a matter of faith.
Nov 13 2011 | Because Our Fathers Lied Remembering our veterans and reflecting on the glorious ambiguity of Rudyard Kipling's war poetry.
Nov 07 2011 | Herman and Hamid Why is it so hard to speak honestly about allegations of sexual harassment or our corrupt ally in Afghanistan?
Oct 24 2011 | What Will They Think of Next? Why the crazy Iranian plot to pay Mexicans to kill the Saudi ambassador isn't so implausible.
Oct 21 2011 | The New Libya's First Mistake Muammar Qaddafi should not have been killed, and his surviving son should be captured.
Oct 17 2011 | Romney's Mormon Problem Mitt Romney and the weird and sinister beliefs of Mormonism.
Oct 10 2011 | Lord Haw Haw and Anwar al-Awlaki What the execution of a World War II traitor can teach us about assassinating American-born terrorists.
Oct 03 2011 | Citizen Enemies Those who protest the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki have to say what they would have done instead.
Sep 26 2011 | Pakistan Is the Enemy We know that Pakistan's intelligence service is aiding terrorists. What are we going to do about it?
Sep 19 2011 | In Defense of Endless War As 9/11 showed, civilization has enemies with which peace is neither possible nor desirable.
Sep 05 2011 | Simply Evil A decade after 9/11, it remains the best description and most essential fact about al-Qaida.
Aug 29 2011 | Rick Perry's God Does the Texas governor believe his idiotic religious rhetoric, or is he just pandering for votes?
Aug 25 2011 | The Crimes of Col. Qaddafi In the euphoria of the current celebrations, we must not lose sight of the former leader's foul deeds.
Aug 18 2011 | Britons Have Been Violent and Cruel for Generations Still, England has not yet collapsed into a nightmare of destruction and despair.
Aug 01 2011 | The End of the Kemalist Affair When was the last time a conservative NATO army pushed out its highest-ranking officers?
Jul 24 2011 | A Ridiculous Rapid Response Why did so many "experts" declare the Oslo attacks to be the work of Islamic terrorists?
Jul 22 2011 | What Will Rupert Think? The British political class may stop asking the one question that has obsessed it for decades.
Jul 11 2011 | Scandal Sheets In Britain, the Guardian takes on Rupert Murdoch's cynical view of what newspaper readers want to read.
Jul 04 2011 | Boat People Some questions for the "activists" aboard the Gaza flotilla.
Jun 29 2011 | Has Bachmann Met Her Waterloo? The old parochialism meets the not-so-new isolationism in Michele Bachmann.
Jun 13 2011 | The Last of the Scholar Warriors Farewell to Patrick Leigh Fermor and his extraordinary generation.
Jun 06 2011 | Anatomy of a Scandal How Anthony Weiner and John Edwards lost control of their private parts.
May 30 2011 | Mladic the Monster Our failure to respond to the Serbian atrocities prolonged the slaughter.
May 24 2011 | Want To Stop Nuclear Proliferation? Encourage Democracy. Ignore the shady people promoting sinister theories to the contrary.
May 18 2011 | Beaucoup B.S. The DSK case and the silly stereotypes about American and European morals.
May 09 2011 | Chomsky's Follies The professor's pronouncements about Osama Bin Laden are stupid and ignorant.
May 02 2011 | Death of a Madman What Obama does next will help define the legacy of Osama Bin Laden.
Apr 25 2011 | Go After Qaddafi Stop worrying about an "exit strategy." What America needs in Libya is an entrance strategy.
Apr 18 2011 | Beware the In-Laws Does Kate Middleton really want to marry into a family like this?
Apr 11 2011 | Africa's Worst Dictator How has Robert Mugabe been able to rule Zimbabwe for so long?
Apr 04 2011 | Cynicism by the Book Hamid Karzai's despicable response to the Quran burning in Florida.
Mar 28 2011 | The Iraq Effect If Saddam Hussein were still in power, this year's Arab uprisings could never have happened.
Mar 14 2011 | Don't Let Qaddafi Win Ignore the "realists." If we do nothing, the situation in Libya can only get worse.
Mar 07 2011 | American Inaction Favors Qaddafi The administration's inadequate response to the crisis in Libya reveals a lack of courage and principle.
Feb 28 2011 | Our Man in Pakistan The dreadful treatment of Raymond Davis is a reminder of how dysfunctional our relationship with Pakistan has become.
Feb 25 2011 | Is Barack Obama Secretly Swiss? The administration's pathetic, dithering response to the Arab uprisings has been both cynical and naive.
Feb 21 2011 | The King's Speech Revisited The movie's screenwriter goes too far in defending his version of history.
Feb 14 2011 | News Flash: The Taliban Violate Human Rights The human rights community finally notices the Taliban's war crimes.
Feb 05 2011 | Would America Have Been Better Off Without a Reagan Presidency? His simple-mindedness had a touch of genius to it.
Jan 31 2011 | The Shame Factor When will dictators learn not to treat their people like fools?
Jan 24 2011 | Churchill Didn’t Say That The King’s Speech is riddled with gross falsifications of history.
Jan 17 2011 | Tunisia Grows Up Here’s hoping the Jasmine Revolution improves upon the legacy of Habib Bourguiba, the nation’s first president.
Jan 10 2011 | Reflections on Political Violence When Mumtaz Qadri shot Pakistani politician Salman Taseer, he didn’t even bother to offer an excuse.
Jan 01 2011 | How To Make a Decent Cup of Tea Ignore Yoko Ono and John Lennon, and heed George Orwell’s tea-making advice.
Dec 27 2010 | Mr. Kissinger, Have You No Shame? Ignore the recent excuses. Henry Kissinger’s entire career was a series of massacres and outrages.
Dec 20 2010 | The Pak-Af Problem Are we committed to Afghanistan or to Hamid Karzai’s government?
Dec 13 2010 | How Can Anyone Defend Kissinger Now? The Nixon tapes remind us what a vile creature Henry Kissinger is.
Dec 06 2010 | Turn Yourself In, Julian Assange The WikiLeaks founder is an unscrupulous megalomaniac with a political agenda.
Nov 29 2010 | Don’t Be an Ass About Airport Security The enemy is inventive and imaginative. Our response is neither.
Nov 22 2010 | Humane Bravery Iraq’s president, Jalal Talabani, opposes the death penalty for Tariq Aziz, one of Iraq’s worst enemies.
Nov 15 2010 | Israel’s Shabbos Goy Why America will come to regret the craven deal Obama is offering Netanyahu.
Nov 08 2010 | Don’t Hang Tariq Aziz The death sentence for Saddam’s henchman threatens Iraq’s exceedingly fragile democracy.
Nov 01 2010 | All the Views Fit To Print Low points from this year’s dishonest, vacuous campaign season.
Oct 25 2010 | Iraq Through Night-Vision Goggles As we digest the WikiLeaks revelations, a new book offers the soldiers’ perspective.
Oct 18 2010 | Hezbollah’s Progress How the Party of God became Lebanon’s most powerful faction.
Oct 11 2010 | The Politicians We Deserve What normal person would put up with the inane indignities of the electoral process?
Oct 04 2010 | Not So Hidden Influences Is it so offensive to note the effectiveness of the Jewish lobby?
Sep 27 2010 | God’s Bigmouths Men like Bishop Eddie Long are fouling the legacy of the civil rights movement.
Sep 20 2010 | From the N-Word to Code Words The evolution of the race card in American politics.
Sep 13 2010 | A Call for Earthly Justice Holding the Catholic Church accountable for its crimes.
Sep 06 2010 | Free Exercise of Religion? No, Thanks. The taming and domestication of religious faith is one of the unceasing chores of civilization.
Aug 30 2010 | White Fright Glenn Beck’s rally was large, vague, moist, and undirected?the Waterworld of white self-pity.
Aug 23 2010 | A Test of Tolerance The “Ground Zero mosque” debate is about tolerance?and a whole lot more.
Aug 16 2010 | It’s Not Just About Israel Six more reasons why we can’t let Iran get nukes.
Aug 09 2010 | Mau-Mauing the Mosque The dispute over the “Ground Zero mosque” is an object lesson in how not to resist intolerance.
Aug 02 2010 | Hugo Boss What I learned about Hugo Chávez’s mental health when I visited Venezuela with Sean Penn.
Jul 26 2010 | Why Kosovo Still Matters The United States and Europe stood up to Serbia. Can they stand up to North Korea and Iran?
Jul 19 2010 | Mel Gibson Isn’t Just an Angry Narcissist His tirades are the distilled violence, cruelty, and bigotry of right-wing Catholic ideology.
Jul 12 2010 | Your Tax Dollars at Work?in West Bank Settlements Why is the U.S. Treasury Department subsidizing zealots who oppose our foreign-policy objectives?
Jul 05 2010 | One More Mission Gen. Stanley McChrystal should oversee the U.S. drawdown from Iraq.
Jun 28 2010 | The Narcissism of the Small Difference In ethno-national conflicts, it really is the little things that tick people off.
Jun 21 2010 | Bring on the Coalition of the Digging Why are we so focused on the problems Afghanistan’s vast mineral deposits could bring?
Jun 14 2010 | Charles, Prince of Piffle A very silly man gives a very sinister speech.
Jun 07 2010 | Israel and Turkey: It’s Complicated The flotilla foul-up pits former friends against each other.
Jun 03 2010 | Hitch-22 A short footnote on the grape and the grain.
May 31 2010 | Is the Vatican a Sovereign State? Elena Kagan and her colleagues in the solicitor general’s office say it is. They should be ashamed.
May 24 2010 | Kim Jong-il’s Willing Accomplices The West puts up with the evil madman’s antics because we’re afraid of triggering worse.
May 17 2010 | Don’t Let Iran Blackmail the World As the international community stands by, Tehran comes closer to unveiling its nukes.
May 10 2010 | In Your Face French attempts to outlaw the burqa strike a blow for the rights of women.
May 03 2010 | Au Revoir to the Status Quo British society is a three-party system stuffed into a two-party duopoly.
Apr 26 2010 | Is the Euro Doomed? The dreams of European union could die along with it.
Apr 19 2010 | Iceland Reminds Us Nature Is Boss The island has a way of imposing itself on Europe.
Apr 12 2010 | We Can’t Let the Pope Decide Who’s a Criminal Bringing priestly offenders and the church’s enablers to justice.
Apr 05 2010 | Shut Up About Armenians or We’ll Hurt Them Again Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s latest sinister threat.
Mar 29 2010 | The Pope Is Not Above the Law The crimes within the Catholic Church demand justice.
Mar 22 2010 | Tear Down That Wall The Catholic priests who abused children?and the men who covered it up?must be prosecuted.
Mar 15 2010 | The Great Catholic Cover-Up The pope’s entire career has the stench of evil about it.
Mar 08 2010 | Yamani or Your Life A nasty attempt to coerce Danish newspapers into apologizing for the cartoons of Mohammed.
Mar 01 2010 | Long Live Democratic Seismology Chile survived its huge earthquake relatively well. Iran would be a different story.
Feb 22 2010 | Death of a Banana Republican Al Haig was a neurotic narcissist with an unquenchable craving for power.
Feb 15 2010 | Suspension of Conscience Amnesty International has lost sight of its original purpose.
Feb 08 2010 | Holy Names Now some Islamists want to prohibit non-Muslims from referring to God as Allah.
Feb 01 2010 | A Nation of Racist Dwarfs Kim Jong-il’s regime is even weirder and more despicable than you thought.
Jan 25 2010 | Loose Lips or Dirty Tricks? Game Change provides more evidence of the Clintons’ shocking behavior during the 2008 campaign.
Jan 17 2010 | A Fault Is Not a Sin It’s idiotic to blame anything other than geology for the Haitian earthquake.
Jan 11 2010 | O Lucky Man Sometimes “WTF?” is the only rational response to a situation.
Jan 04 2010 | Trigger Mechanism Iran inches closer to acquiring nuclear weapons.
Dec 28 2009 | Flying High Why are we so bad at detecting the guilty and so good at collective punishment of the innocent?
Dec 21 2009 | Why Does Pakistan Hate the United States? Because it is dependent on us.
Dec 14 2009 | Iraq Was Not a War for Oil But the oil fields are the nation’s best hope for recovery.
Dec 07 2009 | Palin’s Pals Sarah Palin’s brand of populism is dangerous and deceptive.
Nov 30 2009 | Don’t Forget About India Prime Minister Singh’s visit was almost eclipsed by the silly Salahi story.
Nov 23 2009 | Multicultural Masochism The “war on terrorism” didn’t cause the Fort Hood shootings.
Nov 16 2009 | Hard Evidence Seven salient facts about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.
Nov 09 2009 | The Lessons of 1989 The fall of the Berlin Wall is a reminder of the duty of solidarity.
Nov 02 2009 | First, Silence the Whistle-Blower The United Nations’ shameful complicity in this year’s corrupt Afghan elections.
Oct 26 2009 | Faith No More What I’ve learned from debating religious people around the world.
Oct 19 2009 | Why Wait To Disarm Iran? There’s no possible advantage in waiting until Tehran has nukes.
Oct 12 2009 | Dust in the Wind Sydney’s spectacular storms remind Australians of their history.
Oct 05 2009 | Save the Children Thinking about Roman Polanski’s vile child rape in a global context.
Sep 28 2009 | First They Came for the Pigs The terrible consequences of Egypt’s swine slaughter.
Sep 20 2009 | Farewell to the Godfather Irving Kristol, 1920-2009
Sep 14 2009 | Engaging With Iran Is Like Having Sex With Someone Who Hates You Tehran’s latest bid to run down the clock.
Sep 07 2009 | Don’t Forget Why We’re in Afghanistan and Iraq We’re in a long war against Islamic terrorism.
Aug 31 2009 | Redemption Song Assessing the media version of the Kennedy “legacy.”
Aug 24 2009 | Iran’s Most Wanted Ahmadinejad’s choice for defense minister is sought by Interpol for planning the bombing of an Argentine synagogue.
Aug 17 2009 | Yale Surrenders Why did Yale University Press remove images of Mohammed from a book about the Danish cartoons?
Aug 10 2009 | A Lousy Day’s Work Was Bill Clinton’s visit to North Korea worth the time, energy, and prestige? No way.
Aug 03 2009 | Obon Jour What a Japanese community festival tells us about America’s gift for reconciliation.
Jul 27 2009 | A Man’s Home Is His Constitutional Castle Henry Louis Gates Jr. should have taken his stand on the Bill of Rights, not on his epidermis or that of the arresting officer.
Jul 20 2009 | A Sense of Historical Irony Leszek Kolakowski, 1927-2009.
Jul 16 2009 | Did We Take a Wrong Turn in Afghanistan? Absolutely. But it’s far too early for despair.
Jul 13 2009 | What Happened to the Suicide Bombers of Jerusalem? Nasty, fanatical old men, not human emotions, decided who died and when.
Jul 06 2009 | Did the Toppling of Saddam Hussein Lead to Recent Events in Iran? Given the connections between Iraq and Iran, it’s not as unlikely as it sounds.
Jun 29 2009 | Caught on Tape What the Nixon tapes tell us about the Republican Party.
Jun 22 2009 | Persian Paranoia Iranian leaders will always believe Anglo-Saxons are plotting against them.
Jun 14 2009 | Don’t Call What Happened in Iran Last Week an Election It was a crudely stage-managed insult to everyone involved.
Jun 08 2009 | When the Extreme Becomes the Norm What connects Obama’s pronouncements on head scarves and the argument over released Guantanamo detainees?
Jun 01 2009 | Remembering Amos Elon The historian who explained Israel to itself.
May 25 2009 | The End of the Tamil Tigers Insurgencies don’t always have history on their side.
May 18 2009 | Obama’s Court Jesters As Wanda Sykes showed, comedians aren’t funny when they try to flatter the president.
May 10 2009 | President of Which Israel? The president and prime minister have radically different visions for their country.
May 04 2009 | Ruthless yet Humane Why Obama cited Churchill on torture.
Apr 27 2009 | Yet Another CIA Failure What the torture revelations tell us about the culture of Langley.
Apr 20 2009 | Ankara Shows Its Hand Turkey’s scheming at the Strasbourg summit proves it doesn’t belong in the European Union.
Apr 13 2009 | Don’t Be So Sensitive, Mr. President Truth comes before reconciliation.
Apr 06 2009 | Telling the Truth About the Armenian Genocide We must resist Turkish pressure to distort history.
Mar 30 2009 | Let Them In When governments refuse to let politicians and academics into their countries, it’s nothing but old-fashioned censorship.
Mar 23 2009 | An Army of Extremists How some military rabbis are trying to radicalize Israeli soldiers.
Mar 16 2009 | Terrorists, Dissidents, and Copy Editors Why it matters how the media describe killers in Iraq and Ireland.
Mar 09 2009 | Swat? Not! Handing the Swat Valley to the Taliban was shameful and wrong.
Mar 02 2009 | Don’t Say a Word A U.N. resolution seeks to criminalize opinions that differ with the Islamic faith.
Feb 23 2009 | Avigdor Lieberman’s Chutzpah The right to return cannot confer the right to expel.
Feb 15 2009 | Don’t Let the Mullahs Run Out the Clock Obama must talk directly to the Iranian people.
Feb 09 2009 | Is Zimbabwe Now a Rogue State? And is it germ warfare when cholera sufferers are forced to cross international boundaries?
Feb 02 2009 | Farewell to a Much-Misunderstood Man John Updike preferred to be wrong on account of the right reservations than right because of the wrong ones.
Jan 26 2009 | A Wonderful Day for Washington, D.C. Now it’s time to hold President Obama accountable for his promises.
Jan 19 2009 | No Regrets Why I’m not sorry that George W. Bush beat Al Gore and John Kerry.
Jan 12 2009 | More Than a Good Feeling Why are so many oligarchs, royal families, and special-interest groups giving money to the Clinton Foundation?
Jan 05 2009 | Bad Timing Gaza could have been a model of the future Palestinian state. Instead, it is a place of repression and aggression.
Dec 29 2008 | Shame on You, Rick Warren Still more reasons to boot the huckster of Saddleback from the inauguration.
Dec 19 2008 | Three Questions About Rick Warren’s Role in the Inauguration If we must have an officiating priest, surely we can do better than this vulgar huckster.
Dec 15 2008 | ‘Tis the Season To Be Incredulous The moral and aesthetic nightmare of Christmas.
Dec 08 2008 | Inconvenient Truths The media’s disingenuous failure to state the obvious.
Dec 01 2008 | Our Friends in Bombay We must stand by our most important ally.
Nov 24 2008 | Serving the Clintonian Interest The last thing we need is a Clinton in charge of foreign policy.
Nov 17 2008 | Fidel Gets Religion Why on earth did Castro build a Russian Orthodox cathedral in Havana?
Nov 10 2008 | Barack to Reality Obama’s victory didn’t magically eliminate America’s problems and enemies.
Nov 03 2008 | McCain’s Shameful Slur The Republicans’ appalling attack on Rashid Khalidi.
Oct 27 2008 | Sarah Palin’s War on Science The GOP ticket’s appalling contempt for knowledge and learning.
Oct 20 2008 | Speak Up! Stop covering Palin until she gives a press conference.
Oct 13 2008 | Vote for Obama McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace.
Oct 06 2008 | How To Win Afghanistan’s Opium War The best way to deprive the Taliban of drug profits? The United States should buy Afghanistan’s poppy crop instead of trying to eradicate it.
Sep 28 2008 | Disregarding Henry Both candidates kowtowed to the disgraceful Kissinger. Only Obama cited him correctly.
Sep 22 2008 | Is Obama Another Dukakis? Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless?
Sep 15 2008 | Pakistan Is the Problem And Barack Obama seems to be the only candidate willing to face it.
Sep 08 2008 | The Best Woman? Don’t patronize Sarah Palin.
Sep 01 2008 | Let Them Count Houses Can’t we escape this tiresome demagoguery about candidates’ income and property?
Aug 25 2008 | The Verbal Revolution How the Prague Spring broke world communism’s main spring.
Aug 18 2008 | South Ossetia Isn’t Kosovo Whatever Moscow says, there are at least six significant differences between the two situations.
Aug 10 2008 | Iraq’s Budget Surplus Scandal Why do we have such a hard time hearing good news from Baghdad?
Aug 04 2008 | The Man Who Kept On Writing Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived as if there were such a thing as human dignity.
Jul 28 2008 | Oh, Lucky Man Why Obama’s attitude on the surge hasn’t harmed his campaign.
Jul 21 2008 | Losing Sight of Progress How blind salamanders make nonsense of creationists’ claims.
Jul 14 2008 | The War Between the Wars Who says we can only face our enemies in one place at a time?
Jul 07 2008 | Farewell to a Provincial Redneck Jesse Helms’ stranglehold on U.S. foreign policy was a national embarrassment.
Jun 30 2008 | Book Drive for Iraq How you can do your bit to build democracy.
Jun 23 2008 | Mourning Glory The media goes overboard with “the Russert Miracles.”
Jun 16 2008 | The First Excuse Don’t blame sexism for Hillary Clinton’s defeat.
Jun 09 2008 | The Lion Who Didn’t Roar Why hasn’t Nelson Mandela spoken out against Robert Mugabe?
Jun 02 2008 | A Tale of Two Tell-Alls If you want to read a serious book about the intervention in Iraq, look to Douglas Feith.
May 26 2008 | Wine Drinkers of the World, Unite You have nothing to lose but inflated bills and interrupted anecdotes.
May 19 2008 | Question Time John McCain wants to bring British-style political grillings to Capitol Hill.
May 12 2008 | Can Israel Survive for Another 60 Years? Perhaps, but not necessarily as a Jewish state.
May 05 2008 | Are We Getting Two for One? Is Michelle Obama responsible for the Jeremiah Wright fiasco?
Apr 28 2008 | One Angry Man Should we worry about John McCain’s temper?
Apr 21 2008 | Mandela Envy Is Robert Mugabe’s lawless misrule founded in jealousy?
Apr 14 2008 | Cardinals’ Law Two questions for the pope.
Apr 07 2008 | Obama Is No King Today, the national civil rights pulpit is largely occupied by second-rate shakedown artists.
Mar 31 2008 | The Tall Tale of Tuzla Hillary Clinton’s Bosnian misadventure should disqualify her from the presidency, but the airport landing is the least of it.
Mar 24 2008 | Blind Faith The statements of clergymen like Jeremiah Wright aren’t controversial and incendiary; they’re wicked and stupid.
Mar 17 2008 | How Did I Get Iraq Wrong? I didn’t.
Mar 10 2008 | Prince Valiant Britain’s Prince Harry should’ve stayed in Afghanistan.
Mar 03 2008 | Words Matter Cliché, not plagiarism, is the problem with today’s pallid political discourse.
Feb 22 2008 | The Serbs’ Self-Inflicted Wounds With Kosovo independent, Yugoslavia is finally dead.
Feb 18 2008 | Truth and Consequences What is the point of a paper of record that decides the untarnished record is too much for readers?
Feb 11 2008 | To Hell With the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams’ dangerous claptrap about “plural jurisdiction.”
Feb 04 2008 | Bushies to Human Rights Envoy: Shut Up In North Korea, it’s almost impossible to separate nuclear policy from human rights.
Jan 28 2008 | Fool Me Thrice It should be no surprise that the Clintons are playing the race card.
Jan 21 2008 | Huck’s Free Pass Why are the media ignoring Mike Huckabee’s remarks about the Confederate flag?
Jan 14 2008 | The Case Against Hillary Clinton Why on earth would we choose to put the Clinton family drama at the center of our politics again?
Jan 07 2008 | Identity Crisis There’s something pathetic and embarrassing about our obsession with Barack Obama’s race.
Dec 31 2007 | The Iowa Scam The undemocratic caucuses are a terrible way to choose a presidential candidate.
Dec 27 2007 | Daughter of Destiny Benazir Bhutto, 1953-2007.
Dec 24 2007 | Deadly Disinterest Why has the Bush administration lost interest in North Korea?
Dec 17 2007 | This Is Not a Test It’s perfectly reasonable to reject a candidate because of his religious views.
Dec 10 2007 | Abolish the CIA Destroying the interrogation tapes amounts to mutiny and treason.
Dec 06 2007 | Holy Nonsense Mitt Romney’s windy, worthless speech.
Dec 03 2007 | Bah, Hanukkah The holiday celebrates the triumph of tribal Jewish backwardness.
Nov 26 2007 | Mitt the Mormon Why Romney needs to talk about his faith.
Nov 19 2007 | Something To Give Thanks For Good news from Iraq.
Nov 11 2007 | Norman Mailer Remembering the pint-size Jewish fireplug.
Nov 05 2007 | Isolationism Isn’t the Answer Jihadists aren’t in Afghanistan?or Iraq?because we are there.
Oct 29 2007 | Divide and Conquer The United States should be squeezing Turkey, not the other way around.
Oct 22 2007 | Defending Islamofascism It’s a valid term. Here’s why.
Oct 15 2007 | Prizing Doris Lessing The Nobel committee finally gets it right.
Recycled | Oct 12 2007 | Run, Gore, Run From Oslo to Washington?
Oct 08 2007 | The Price of Freedom If the Dutch government abandons Ayaan Hirsi Ali, America should welcome her.
Recycled | Oct 03 2007 | Fighting Words The article that inspired a young man to enlist.
Oct 01 2007 | Maintained in China Burma’s foul regime depends on Beijing.
Sep 24 2007 | Run, Al, Run If Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize, will he run for president?
Sep 17 2007 | It Was Right To Dissolve the Iraqi Army We broke America’s terrible habit of ruling by proxy through military regimes.
Sep 11 2007 | Islamism Goes Mainstream My evening with Tariq Ramadan.
Sep 01 2007 | So Many Men’s Rooms, So Little Time Why men like Larry Craig continue to court danger in public places.
Aug 27 2007 | Which Iraq War Do You Want To End? We’re fighting at least three of them.
Aug 20 2007 | God’s Still Dead Mark Lilla doesn’t give us enough credit for shaking off the divine.
Aug 13 2007 | Fighting the “Real” Fight Foolish myths about al-Qaida in Mesopotamia.
Aug 06 2007 | Brutality by the Bay Why did the Oakland police do so little about Your Black Muslim Bakery’s thuggery?
Jul 30 2007 | God-Fearing People Why are we so scared of offending Muslims?
Jul 23 2007 | The Galloway Papers Parliament’s damning report about Saddam apologist George Galloway.
Jul 16 2007 | Conrad’s Heart of Darkness The decline and fall of Conrad Black.
Jul 09 2007 | Physician, Heal Thyself Doctors are not immune to religious mania.
Jul 02 2007 | Don’t Mince Words The London car-bomb plot was designed to kill women.
Jun 25 2007 | Look Forward to Anger It’s impossible to satisfy “Rage Boy” and his ilk. It’s stupid to try.
Jun 18 2007 | Free Scooter Libby The case gets weirder by the day.
Jun 11 2007 | Siege of Paris The creepy populism surrounding high-profile defendants.
Jun 04 2007 | What’s Next for Kurdistan? A question every American politician needs to address.
May 28 2007 | The French Correction The principled new foreign minister shows how much France has changed of late.
May 21 2007 | Peanut Envy The latest absurdities to emerge from Jimmy Carter’s big, smug mouth.
May 16 2007 | Faith-Based Fraud Jerry Falwell’s foul rantings prove you can get away with anything if you have “Reverend” in front of your name.
May 14 2007 | A Brave Woman Scorned The campaign against Shaha Riza is the nastiest character assassination I have ever seen.
May 07 2007 | Partners in Crime Robert Dallek’s new book reveals the depravity of the Nixon-Kissinger double act.
Apr 30 2007 | A Loser’s History George Tenet’s sniveling, self-justifying new book is a disgrace.
Apr 25 2007 | God Is Not Great What happens when a racket turns into a religion? Mormonism.
Apr 24 2007 | Suck It Up After the shootings came an orgy of mawkishness, sloppiness, and false sentiment.
Apr 23 2007 | A Hell of a Country Ali Allawi’s new memoir shows Iraq’s collapse was inevitable.
Apr 17 2007 | Sliming Wolfowitz The World Bank president did nothing wrong.
Apr 16 2007 | The French Reaction Le Pen rises again.
Apr 09 2007 | The You Decade There’s a new narcissistic pronoun in town.
Apr 02 2007 | These Men Are “Peacemakers”? Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams make me want to spew.
Mar 26 2007 | Mesopotamia Split? Considering Peter Galbraith’s proposal for Iraq.
Mar 19 2007 | So, Mr. Hitchens, Weren’t You Wrong About Iraq? Hard questions, four years later.
Mar 12 2007 | Blood and Oil Three cheers for Iraq’s new hydrocarbon law.
Mar 05 2007 | She’s No Fundamentalist What people get wrong about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Feb 27 2007 | A Kindler, Gentler Tory Party Whatever happened to Britain’s Conservatives?
Feb 19 2007 | The War Within Islam The growing danger of the Sunni-Shiite rivalry.
Feb 12 2007 | Year of the Rat Hillary Clinton scurries away from her old line on Iraq.
Feb 05 2007 | Appointment in Mesopotamia Iraq’s problems existed long before 2003.
Jan 29 2007 | Postcard From Macondo Forty Years of One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Jan 22 2007 | Guilty Bystanders Michael Devlin’s neighbors make their excuses.
Jan 16 2007 | The Iraq Jinx How Bush is blowing our last chance.
Jan 09 2007 | Jefferson’s Quran What the founder really thought about Islam.
Jan 02 2007 | Lynching the Dictator On Saturday morning, the United States helped to officiate at a human sacrifice.
Dec 29 2006 | Our Short National Nightmare How President Ford managed to go soft on Iraqi Baathists, Indonesian fascists, Soviet Communists, and the shah ? in just two years.
Dec 27 2006 | Vertigo In Iraq, the distance between hope and despair can be measured in minutes.
Dec 18 2006 | The Real Sunni Triangle There are only three options in Iraq.
Dec 11 2006 | Augusto Pinochet, 1915-2006 Farewell to the perpetrator of one of the most shocking crimes of the 20th century.
Dec 04 2006 | Eschew the Taboo The pernicious effects of banning words.
Nov 27 2006 | From Beirut to Baghdad The ghastly predictability of nihilist violence.
Nov 20 2006 | Look Who’s Cutting and Running Now James Baker is the last guy we should listen to about Iraq.
Nov 13 2006 | Kazakh Like Me Borat reveals the painful politeness of American society.
Nov 06 2006 | Don’t Hang Saddam Why the dictator shouldn’t get the death penalty.
Oct 30 2006 | Rushing for the Exit If we leave Iraq, what happens to the supporters of democracy?
Oct 23 2006 | How Uninviting Tony Judt’s persecution complex.
Oct 16 2006 | The Lancet’s Slant Epidemiology meets moral idiocy.
Oct 06 2006 | The Return of Henry Kissinger Will we never be free of the malign effect of this little gargoyle?
Oct 02 2006 | GI Jesus The real problem with military chaplains.
Sep 26 2006 | Christopher Hitchens Responds There’s only one reason to go to Niger.
Sep 25 2006 | Playing It Safe The fatuous politics of compromise.
Sep 18 2006 | Papal Bull Joseph Ratzinger’s latest offense.
Sep 11 2006 | Fear Factor How did we survive Ari Fleischer’s reign of terror?
Sep 05 2006 | Hello, Zahawie, My Old Friend I’ve come to talk with you again.
Aug 29 2006 | Plame Out The ridiculous end to the scandal that distracted Washington.
Aug 22 2006 | Snake in the Grass The pompous, hypocritical hucksterism of Günter Grass.
Aug 15 2006 | Terrorists Ain’t What They Used To Be Reflections on the London bomb plot.
Aug 07 2006 | The Eighteenth Brumaire of the Castro Dynasty Cuba’s military coup marks the end of the revolutionary era.
Jul 31 2006 | Mel Gibson’s Meltdown He is sick to his empty core with Jew-hatred.
Jul 25 2006 | Case Closed The truth about the Iraqi-Niger “yellowcake” nexus.
Jul 17 2006 | The End of the Affair Novak exonerates the Bushies in the Plame case.
Jul 10 2006 | Full Disclosure Bring on the press revelations.
Jul 05 2006 | Cause and Effect It’s time to stop blaming the good guys for problems in Iraq.
Jun 27 2006 | Peace and Quiet Four projects for righteous anti-war types.
Slate’s 10th Anniversary | Jun 23 2006 | Liberal Hawks Reconsider the Iraq War A Slate dialogue.
Jun 19 2006 | Into the Fray Christopher Hitchens responds to a former Iraqi official’s missive.
Jun 12 2006 | The Jordanian Connection Why Amman helped track down Zarqawi.
Jun 08 2006 | A Good Day’s Work Why Zarqawi’s death matters.
Jun 05 2006 | The Hell of War Why Haditha isn’t My Lai.
May 30 2006 | Furious George Galloway preapproves the murder of the British prime minister.
May 22 2006 | Dutch Courage Holland’s latest insult to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
May 15 2006 | Don’t Talk to the Mullahs Bush should respond to Ahmadinejad’s letter, but he should speak directly to the Iranian people.
May 08 2006 | The Caged Virgin Holland’s shameful treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
May 02 2006 | The Cole Report When it comes to Iran, he distorts, you decide.
Apr 24 2006 | Joseph Wilson’s Revenge Why no special prosecutor for the latest CIA leak case?
Apr 17 2006 | Clueless Joe Wilson How did the CIA’s special envoy miss Zahawie’s trip to Niger?
Apr 13 2006 | Judas Saves Why the lost gospel makes sense.
Apr 10 2006 | Wowie Zahawie Sorry everyone, but Iraq did go uranium shopping in Niger.
Mar 27 2006 | Overstating Jewish Power Mearsheimer and Walt give too much credit to the Israeli lobby.
Mar 20 2006 | My Ideal War How the international community should have responded to Bush’s September 2002 U.N. speech.
Mar 13 2006 | No Sympathy for Slobo Let’s not forget Milosevic’s many crimes.
Mar 06 2006 | Survey Says Let the exchange of trade and ideas with Iran begin.
Mar 01 2006 | The End of Fukuyama Why his latest pronouncements miss the mark.
Feb 21 2006 | Stand up for Denmark! Why are we not defending our ally?
Feb 13 2006 | Garrison Keillor, Vulgarian In defense of Bernard-Henri Lévy.
Feb 04 2006 | Cartoon Debate The case for mocking religion.
Jan 30 2006 | Suicide Voters How Hamas dooms Palestine.
Jan 24 2006 | Al-Qaida Is Losing There’s desperation in Osama’s voice.
Jan 16 2006 | It’s Curtains for al-Qaida What happens when Iraqi “insurgents” take on Zarqawi’s thugs?
Jan 09 2006 | The Bush Bombshell Did the president propose to take out Al Jazeera?
Jan 05 2006 | What Sharon Did The Bulldozer’s long, brutal career ended better than anyone expected.
Jan 03 2006 | Are Elections Democratic? Dictatorships are hardly preferable.
Dec 27 2005 | Neighborhood Watch Yes, Iran is meddling in Iraqi affairs, but maybe the influence works both ways.
Dec 20 2005 | Bah, Humbug The horrors of December in a one-party state.
Dec 12 2005 | Clean Gene Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, 1916-2005.
Dec 05 2005 | Secrets and Lies The DoD’s disgraceful plot to plant rosy stories in the Iraqi press.
Nov 29 2005 | The Perils of Withdrawal We’re sticking with Afghanistan. Why would we ditch Iraq?
Nov 22 2005 | Nowhere To Go Stop the taunting, and let’s have a real debate about the Iraq war.
Nov 14 2005 | Believe It or Not Are you sure you want to keep saying we were fooled by Ahmad Chalabi and the INC?
Nov 07 2005 | Realism in Darfur Consider the horrors of peace.
Nov 01 2005 | Mr. Stability The wrongness of Brent Scowcroft’s realism.
Oct 25 2005 | Calling Galloway’s Bluff The Senate uncovers a smoking gun.
Oct 17 2005 | Tribal Ignorance What you think you know about Iraq’s factions is all wrong.
Oct 10 2005 | Miers and Brimstone Let’s stop pretending there’s no religious test for nominees.
Oct 03 2005 | Why Ask Why? Terrorist attacks aren’t caused by any policy except that of the bombers themselves.
Sep 26 2005 | Anti-War, My Foot The phony peaceniks who protested in Washington.
Sep 19 2005 | The Inalienable Right To Screw Up Your Country And the joy of finding a leader who can help bring it back together again.
Sep 13 2005 | Darkness at Noon Arthur Koestler’s milestone anti-Stalinist novel.
Sep 12 2005 | George Galloway Is Gruesome, Not Gorgeous Now, watch me debate him.
Sep 06 2005 | Iraq and Katrina The war hasn’t kept us from fighting the flood.
Aug 29 2005 | Cut It Off Another disgusting religious practice.
Aug 23 2005 | Equal Time No tax-exempt status for churches that refuse to distribute pro-evolution propaganda!
Aug 19 2005 | What Cindy Sheehan Really Wants Now imagine if she gets it.
Aug 15 2005 | Cindy Sheehan’s Sinister Piffle What’s wrong with her Crawford protest.
Aug 08 2005 | Losing the Iraq War Can the left really want us to?
Aug 01 2005 | Catholic Justice Quit tiptoeing around John Roberts’ faith.
Jul 26 2005 | A Nutty Little Law The Intelligence Identities Protection Act must go.
Jul 18 2005 | Rove Rage The poverty of our current scandal.
Jul 11 2005 | From Srebrenica to Baghdad What the genocide taught us about intervention.
Jul 07 2005 | The Anticipated Attack Don’t blame Iraq for the bombings.
Jul 05 2005 | Casualties and Causalities How to ruin an occupation.
Jun 28 2005 | Don’t “Son” Me End this silly talk about sacrificing children.
Jun 21 2005 | Conspiracy Theories If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you’ll love the Downing Street memo.
Jun 13 2005 | Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Plus, Amnesty’s amnesia.
Jun 06 2005 | Terminal Futility Routine airport security won’t thwart jihadists, but it does inconvenience and endanger the rest of us.
Jun 01 2005 | The Brother Karimov America’s friend, Uzbekistan’s dictator.
May 23 2005 | Stop the Masochistic Insanity The violent response to the report of “Quranic abuse” isn’t about faith, it’s about intolerance.
May 16 2005 | History and Mystery Why does the New York Times insist on calling jihadists “insurgents”?
May 09 2005 | Abu Ghraib Isn’t Guernica But here’s why the Spanish Civil War analogy is worth exploring.
May 02 2005 | Worse Than 1984 North Korea, slave state.
Apr 25 2005 | Long Live Labor Why I’m for Tony Blair.
Apr 18 2005 | Two Ibrahims and Two Women Four individuals who took on the powerful.
Apr 08 2005 | On Not Mourning the Pope Thoughts over the grave of John Paul II.
Apr 06 2005 | He Was an American, Quebec-Born Saul Bellow’s legacy.
Apr 01 2005 | Papal Power John Paul II’s other legacy.
Mar 28 2005 | Easter Charade There’s no resurrecting Terri Schiavo.
Mar 22 2005 | That Bleeding Heart Wolfowitz He’s not exactly who you think he is.
Mar 15 2005 | This Was Not Looting How did Saddam’s best weapons plants get plundered?
Mar 07 2005 | Burned Out Nuke this journalistic cliché.
Feb 28 2005 | The Arab Street A vanquished cliché.
Feb 22 2005 | Hunter Thompson The minuteman of the Rockies.
Jan 31 2005 | Beating a Dead Parrot Why Iraq and Vietnam have nothing whatsoever in common.
Jan 26 2005 | Ahmad Again Chalabi’s return and other good news from the Iraqi campaign.
Jan 10 2005 | Two Elections Why Iraq’s vote is not like Palestine’s.
Jan 10 2005 | Two Elections Why Iraq’s vote is not like Palestine’s.
Dec 29 2004 | Susan Sontag Remembering an intellectual heroine.
Dec 13 2004 | Let the Afghan Poppies Bloom How the drug war is undermining the war on terrorism.
Nov 29 2004 | What Made Alexander So Great? The real mystery of his life isn’t his bisexuality.
Nov 17 2004 | Arafat’s Squalid End How he wasted his last 30 years.
Nov 09 2004 | Bush’s Secularist Triumph The left apologizes for religious fanatics. The president fights them.
Nov 01 2004 | My Endorsement and Osama’s Video The news in Bin Laden’s comments had nothing to do with our election.
Oct 25 2004 | In Front of Your Nose Yes, Saddam did have terrorist connections.
Oct 08 2004 | The Buried Truth A new book shows that Saddam didn’t have nuclear weapons?yet.
Sep 27 2004 | Flirting With Disaster The vile spectacle of Democrats rooting for bad news in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sep 09 2004 | A Thousand Killed What a little-known British poet named Bernard Spencer knew.
Sep 07 2004 | Murder by Any Other Name The rest of the world may be tiring of jihad, but The Nation isn’t.
Aug 30 2004 | The Captive Mind Now What Czeslaw Milosz understood about Islam.
Aug 23 2004 | Not So Swift John Kerry’s dubious Vietnam revisionism.
Aug 11 2004 | Chalabi Strikes Back A counterfeit charge considered.
Aug 06 2004 | Safe Cracking The silliness of security alerts.
Jul 30 2004 | Firehouse Rot John Kerry’s cheapest shot.
Jul 13 2004 | Plame’s Lame Game What Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife forgot to tell us about the yellow-cake scandal.
Jul 06 2004 | A Very, Very Dirty Word The British Empire’s second-greatest gift to the world.
Jun 21 2004 | Unfairenheit 9/11 The lies of Michael Moore.
Jun 14 2004 | A Moral Chernobyl Prepare for the worst of Abu Ghraib.
Jun 07 2004 | Not Even a Hedgehog The stupidity of Ronald Reagan.
May 27 2004 | Ahmad and Me Defending Chalabi.
May 18 2004 | What Went Wrong The flaw in Seymour Hersh’s theory.
May 04 2004 | Prison Mutiny What the torturers of Abu Ghraib have wrought.
Apr 29 2004 | Covering the “Quagmire” Are war correspondents betting on failure in Iraq?
Apr 19 2004 | Second Thinking What I got wrong about Iraq.
Apr 12 2004 | Vietnam? Why the analogy doesn’t hold water.
Mar 29 2004 | Clarke’s Progress Guess who used to believe in the Iraq/al-Qaida connection?
Mar 22 2004 | Road to Damascus The Kurds nominate Syria for regime change.
Mar 15 2004 | To Die in Madrid The nutty logic that says Spain provoked Islamist terrorism.
Feb 27 2004 | Schlock, Yes; Awe, No; Fascism, Probably The flogging Mel Gibson demands.
Feb 16 2004 | The Vietnam Syndrome, Again The mistake Democrats make when they compare Iraq to Vietnam.
Feb 08 2004 | All Against Bush Whom should the Democrats nominate?
Jan 30 2004 | A Tale of Two Reports David Kay and Lord Hutton.
Jan 12 2004 | Liberal Hawks Reconsider the Iraq War Final words.
Jan 02 2004 | Guerrillas in the Mist Why the war in Iraq is nothing like The Battle of Algiers.
Dec 22 2003 | Qaddafi Does a Deal Handle things right, and this could be just the start of welcome fallout from Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Dec 04 2003 | The Literal Left Have opponents of the war been vindicated? Not so fast.
Nov 18 2003 | Al-Qaida’s Latest Target Understanding the Istanbul synagogue bombings.
Nov 14 2003 | Empire Falls How Master and Commander gets Patrick O’Brian wrong.
Nov 10 2003 | Final Offer Why Iraq’s last-minute peace overture was a sham.
Nov 05 2003 | Restating the Case for War Waiting for Saddam to change is what got us into this mess in the first place.
Oct 20 2003 | Mommie Dearest The pope beatifies Mother Teresa, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.
Oct 06 2003 | Conversation With Khomeini The ayatollah’s grandson calls for a U.S. invasion of Iran.
Sep 26 2003 | Edward Said
Sep 25 2003 | Inside the Islamic Mafia Bernard-Henri Lévy exposes Daniel Pearl’s killers.
Sep 08 2003 | Don’t Commemorate Sept. 11 Fewer flags, please, and more grit.
Aug 27 2003 | Moore’s Law The immorality of the Ten Commandments.
Aug 11 2003 | Pipes the Propagandist Bush’s nominee doesn’t belong at the U.S. Institute for Peace.
Aug 01 2003 | Hopeless Did Bob Hope ever say anything funny?
Jul 07 2003 | Saddahmer Hussein Forget Hitler and Stalin; Saddam’s role model was the cannibal from Milwaukee.
Jun 24 2003 | The Gullible Mr. Kerry The senator gets fooled again.
Jun 09 2003 | The Boy Who Cried Wolfowitz A mispronunciation with undertones.
Jun 02 2003 | The Cult of ID Our strange obsession with driver’s license photos.
May 28 2003 | Provisional Government The disturbing extension of U.S. rule in Iraq.
May 20 2003 | Weapons and Terror Did the Iraq war really boost al-Qaida?
May 13 2003 | Catharsis Justice vs. reconciliation in post-Saddam Iraq.
Apr 28 2003 | Another Wall Falls Turkey lifts the barrier that cuts Cyprus in two.
Apr 24 2003 | Lay Off Chalabi Iraq could do much worse.
Apr 18 2003 | Oleaginous People who prefer Saddam Hussein to Halliburton.
Apr 09 2003 | Giving Peace a Chance The war critics were right?not in the way they expected.
Mar 17 2003 | (Un)Intended Consequences What’s the future if we don’t act?
Mar 10 2003 | Pious Nonsense The unholy “Christian” case against war.
Mar 04 2003 | Talking Turkey An ally we’re better off without.
Feb 24 2003 | “Drumbeat” Bush rushing to war? Nonsense.
Feb 13 2003 | Inspecting “Inspections” The U.N. is still playing Saddam’s game.
Feb 05 2003 | “Recruitment” Will an Iraq war make our al-Qaida problem worse? Not likely.
Jan 27 2003 | “Cowboy” Bush challenged by bovines.
Jan 21 2003 | Exile and the Kingdoms Iraq’s neighbors want Saddam to flee. Should we?
Jan 14 2003 | “Regime Change” From evasion to invasion.
Jan 08 2003 | Prevention and Pre-Emption When is starting a war not aggression?
Dec 31 2002 | “Evil” Scoff if you must, but you can’t avoid it.
Dec 26 2002 | “WMD” and “Inspection” Are Saddam’s weapons really so unconventional?
Dec 18 2002 | Multilateralism and Unilateralism A self-canceling complaint.
Dec 16 2002 | Three Stooges Who’s worst?Kissinger, Lott, or Law?
Dec 10 2002 | Imperialism Superpower dominance, malignant and benign.
Nov 27 2002 | The Latest Kissinger Outrage Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation?
Nov 27 2002 | Anti-Americanism Varieties right and left, foreign and domestic.
Nov 18 2002 | Terrorism Notes toward a definition.
Nov 11 2002 | “Armchair General” The ugly idea that non-soldiers have less right to argue for war.
Nov 07 2002 | Machiavelli in Mesopotamia The case against the case against “regime change” in Iraq.